Nightfever . . .
Download the poster hereNightfever is an initiative which grew out of World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne, and is spreading across Europe and North America with Nightfever now taking place every month in over 40 churches.

Nightfever is organized by different parishes, communities, confraternities, students and employees, seminarians. We want to carry on the joy of faith and the love of God which we have been experiencing even more so since the WYD 2005. For that reason, we go out into the streets and invite people to Christ and to also reach those who do not believe in Him or do not think of Him. After mass, there is the opportunity for adoration, prayer, singing, confession, and talk. We invite you to let yourselves be touched by the love of God.

Supported by the German Bishops conference and soon to be endorsed by the World Bishops Conference, Nightfever combines adoration, confession time, prayer time, beautiful music and an opportunity to bring new people into the church.

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