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A Message from the Cathedral Dean & Parish Priest
Every day many people visit our Cathedral to pray to God, to appreciate the beauty of the place, perhaps to attend a concert, or to find space and quiet in a busy life, an oasis of calm in the midst of our hectic world. For them all The Cathedral Church of St Barnabas is a special place.

This building is the geographical and liturgical centre of our Parish and Diocesan Community. A community centred on Jesus Christ who likened himself to the cornerstone, the foundation of our faith. That faith is the reason for the Cathedral, and it finds its expression in the very stones. Just as our faith needs nurturing, so does the building and fabric of the Cathedral and the associated buildings require care and attention.

We are blessed with a fine buildings, in good repair, and the Cathedral in particular is worthy of the many liturgies and the quiet prayers that occur every day. In order that we can pass on this Cathedral to future generations, we must ensure to maintain our heritage and hand it on in good order.

Your generosity can help preserve The Cathedral Church of St Barnabas , and allow it to continue its unique mission here in the centre of Nottingham, as the centre of our parish, and the focus of the Diocese of Nottingham; a testimony to the love of God alive in the though his Son Jesus Christ.

Thank you for considering supporting our Cathedral in its mission.

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