Parish Pastoral Council . . .

The Parish Pastoral Council at St Barnabas is a gathering of about 20 members of the Community that comes together four times each year to plan for the future and respond to the Signs of the Times in our church and in our city.

The cathedral Dean is President of the Pastoral Council, which consists of representatives from the clergy, sisters, and elected representatives of the laity of the parish. Our Pastoral Council is relatively young, having been born out of the enthusiasm and sense of renewal of the Diocesan Assembly in 2003.

Although the full Pastoral Council meets only four times each year, the main bulk of work is carried out in Committees, working in the areas of Spirituality & Worship, Education & Evangelisation Justice and Peace, Communications, Social & Hospitality and Resources.

These groups meet more often, every month or two or as required, and consider where our parish is heading in these areas. Membership of these committees is open to any enthusiastic and interested member of the parish community.

The Pastoral Council as a whole has been charged with implementing the Diocesan Pastoral Plan within our Parish, and with developing our own Parish Pastoral Plan.

This will be a practical guide to how the Parish can ‘step out of the boat’ as we continue our journey in faith in the third millennium. Of course this work is not done in isolation, and the Pastoral Council is working to forge stronger links with the other parishes in Nottingham, and with other faith groups within the city.

The Councillors are elected and appointed for a three-year term. The strength of our community lies in its God-given diversity, and it is important that this is reflected within the Parish Pastoral Council.

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