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The Catholic Community of Central Nottingham is served by schools, both primary and secondary, with excellent reputations.

Primary - St. Barnabas Cathedral

St. Joseph Preparatory
Our Lady and St. Patrick
Trinity, Aspley
Christ the King, Arnold
The Becket, Wilford

Rites for the Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

TheJ ourney of Faith is a spiritual journey made together, to deepen our understanding of the faith that the Catholic Church professes. At the Cathedral it means a weekly meeting with others who are also making the journey and with members of the Journey of Faith team.

It consists of prayer, presentation and small group discussion. There is no time limit on the length of the process, for many it will be one of eight or nine months, for others it may be longer. The goal is to help all of us get a clearer sense of what our priorities should be and how we should live out our faith lives.

The Journey of Faith follows a set process, but is adaptable to the needs of all of us who are making the journey. Each one of us starts at a different place and comes from a different direction, so the Journey of Faith must reflect our differences.

Each year we journey in Faith with a group of Enquirers. Our gatherings start in September. If you are thinking of becoming a Catholic or simply interested in discovering more about our Catholic faith, you are very welcome to join us on Sunday afternoons at 4:00pm.

If you have been thinking of becoming a Catholic, or simply want to know more about what the Catholic Faith teaches and stands for, then please get in touch with us. Why not ask a friend if they would like to come with you?

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