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Welcome to the Cathedral Church of Saint Barnabas, the seat of the Bishop of Nottingham and the chief Church for Roman Catholics living in the Diocese of Nottingham.

The stone-built Cathedral, with its 150 foot spire, has been a conspicuous landmark in the city of Nottingham for more than 150 years, and today the Cathedral remains an important part in the life of the city as well as a thriving part of the body of the Roman Catholic Church in England.

This beautiful church was designed and built under renowned architect A.W.N. Pugin and the foundation stone was laid by Bishop Nicholas Wiseman in 1842, who had brought with him the relics of Saint Barnabas from Rome. The Cathedral's importance in the restoration of the Church in England is not inconsiderable, as at the time of its opening the Cathedral was the largest Catholic church to have been built in England since the Reformation.


The Cathedral remains today an active, holy and beautiful house of prayer and worship, with the community's life built around and toward the sacraments. The Sacrifice of the Mass takes place more than twenty times each week at the Cathedral and the Divine Office is recited daily, in which the laity are encouraged to participate. Our highly regarded Cathedral choir sings solemn Mass every Sunday, inspiring the liturgy and deepening our devotion when coming before God.

We welcome thousands of visitors to the Cathedral every year, as well as ministering to our continuously growing and developing parish community. As part of our wider community in Nottingham, the deanery also serves the parishes of Saint Augustine, Apostle of England.

I invite you to take a look at our website, in the hope that it will help you to appreciate both the history and beauty of the Cathedral as well as the lived experience of faith shared by our community.